Archive: May 2016

How to be Safe in Parking Lots?

There could be many parking lots in our area and they provide convenient access to shopping facilities and work. However, we should know that any parking area could still be a source of danger. In this case, we should follow some common sense, precautions and guidelines. There are things that we should consider before choosing […]

How to Reverse Cars Properly?

We sometimes squirm when we watch other drivers try to reverse their cars. This is the moment when drivers have much reduced control of their cars, because it’s clearly an inconvenient way to move our car. Without proper skill and knowledge, it is possible we would simply veer off course and it’s something we can […]

6 Dishonest Practices Employed By Car Dealers

There are a number of scams that car dealers may do to attract buyers. Here are things that we should know: Push, pull and drag sales: No matter at what condition the car is in, we should be careful when the dealer says that he will let go of the car for only $2000 or […]

How to Choose Proper Spark Plugs?

Spark plugs are actually one of the weaker parts of the ignition system. It needs to work under severe conditions, mounted on top of the combustion chambers. In modern car engines, the temperature may reach 2500 degrees Celsius and pressure at about 7Mpa. Spark plugs need to withstand the high temperature and pressure. Other than […]

Problems That Could Affect Spark Plugs

Other than pistons, transmissions and tires; spark plugs are word-harking components and they need to produce sparks thousands of times each minute. Due to this reason, our spark plugs could be affected by problems. As an example, our plugs could have overheating problem and it’s indicated by worn off electrodes and blisters on the insulator. […]

Debunking Higher Octane Fuel Myths

Gas prices may have been lower than expected in recent years, but the overall prices will eventually go up, because abundant oil resources and reserves won’t last forever. Perhaps, soon we will feel the economic pinch again and it is important to be prepared, while we could still breathe a sigh of relief. At the […]

How to Prevent the Formation of Ice on the Windscreen?

It can be quite troublesome when we leave our car parked at the open when it’s winter. Car owners may expect to drive off immediately, but they often can’t do that. Oil in their car could become too thick and the engine will be harder to turn on. Another problem is that the windscreen can […]

How to Get Good Deals in Damaged Cars Auctions?

We should know that although it’s called the damaged car auction, it doesn’t mean that we would get severely damaged cars that beyond repair. In many cases, we would only get minor damages that can be fixed easily. When we purchase the car, we should have the proper choice and it is important that we […]

5 Car Myths That We Need to Dispel

Despite all the technological advancements in the automotive industry, there are some curious rumors and myths that continue to appear among the customers. These myths could confuse car owners on things that they should believe. Here are myths that we may need to dispel: Car auctions offer better deals: This may seem true if we […]

How to Choose and Use Battery Jump Starters?

It can be troublesome when the battery is dead; but we have no battery charger and jump starter available. A jump starter should always be stored in the trunk, because we won’t know when the battery eventually dies during a long trip. There are things to consider when we plan to purchase jump starters. The […]

Things We Should Know About Car Shipping

Many car owners need to ship their cars over a long distance. However, they could be quite confused with all the options. When we move our cars, there are a number of methods that we can choose. The easiest and cheapest way to send our car is to drive it ourselves. We would only pay […]

6 Ways to Reduce Risks When Driving

Risks are part of our daily lives. We couldn’t eliminate or avoid them, but we could still minimize them to the lowest manageable level. Everything we do could elevate or decrease risks. Here are things that we can do to reduce the overall risks of driving a car: Obey local traffic laws: Traffic laws are […]