Archive: Jun 2016

Car Owner’s Guide for Survival During Winter

It is certainly no easy when we drive in the snow. The extreme cold itself changes many factors before and during driving. Here are things we should do make our experience less troublesome: Perform preventative maintenance: Before the winter actually arrives, we should check out the tires. It is also important that our engine and […]

Electric and Hybrid Cars May Still Not Save the Environment

Electric cars have their own limitations and they restrict people only for commutes inside the city limits. Electric cars have problems with power, range and turnaround time. Obviously, electric cars have their own benefits. Electric motors have unmatched low-range torque and the car has instantaneous response. Electric car has quicker accelerations and energy is directly […]

7 Additional Safety Features That We Should Have in Our Cars

Car owners should feel safer when driving when their cars are equipped with proper features. Dozens of safety features can be integrated into our car, ensuring that we feel save when driving to work. There are different tidbits that could include in our car to ensure that we will enjoy enhanced safety features: Crumple zones: […]

How to Effectively Eliminate Road Rage?

Road rage has become a huge part in our lives and it becomes more common in crowded cities. In reality, road rage only serves to compound the degree of risk when we are driving. When our mind is filled with anger, there is a higher threat of accidents. Driving on the highway is a risky […]

How to Improve the Performance of Diesel Cars?

There are quick modification tasks that we can do get the most of our diesel cars. Diesel tuning tasks should be simple, quick and cheap to do. As an example, we could use external tuning box or tuning chip the more from our engine. Diesel cars are known for their various performance variants. They can […]

How to Save Money on Car Maintenance and Care?

People love cars and the love to their cars can make them act somewhat irrationally. Many people succumb to wasting money unnecessarily, because they think that they are doing the best for their cars. It is important to avoid wastes and it is actually possible to save money, while maintaining good appearance of our car. […]

What Spark Plug Deposits Can Tell Us About Possible Car Problems?

Spark plugs are among the most important car parts and they are essential for good ignition and combustion performance. Good quality spark plugs ensure smoother engine performance and improved fuel economy. If our car doesn’t run smoothly, the overall economy could be significantly impaired. We could experience stunted acceleration and misfires. In this case, we […]

Defensive Driving Techniques We Should Employ

Defensive driving is a method that should be applied to ensure safety. There some basic defensive driving techniques that we should consider. Signaling is a good defensive habit that we should implement. In general, signaling should be used when our change of movement will affect the traffic around us. We may also use signaling to […]

Improving Car Performance with ECU Remapping

Many car owners want to have more power for their cars or drive farther with the same amount of fuel in the tank. One simple way to improve the performance of our car is by remapping the ECU or engine control unit. This is a good way if we want to improve the performance of […]

Things to Consider When Choosing Plus-size Tires

Many car owners have been touting the benefits of changing into a plus-sized tire. As an example, they may say that the handling and traction have been improved. It is also said that cars with plus-sized tires look more impressive. Before we implement this change on our car, we should make sure there the change […]

Watch Out For These Types of Drivers

More often than not, we have seen our fellow motorists indulge in questionable driving habits and moves. Here are types of drivers that we need to be aware of: Compulsive Passers: These drivers simply have compulsive desire to pass everyone and they seem to have a personal quest to pass specific number of drivers in […]

Other Things That Can Distract Us During Driving Besides Smartphones

Today, smartphones are the most common things that could distract us. However, there are a host of activities and factors that could also reduce our focus. Distractions happen when they take our eyes off the road, take our hands and feet off the wheels and pedals; and take our mind off what we are doing. […]