Archive: Jul 2016

How to Get Accustomed with a New Car?

Before driving, we should pay attention to many things. This is particularly true when we are renting a car or driving a new one. It is important that we are fully accustomed to the new car. One thing to consider is that we should look for the proper driving positions. If we want to maintain […]

6 Ways to Pass Driving Tests

During driving tests, we should be able to show good knowledge and proper technical skills. Before a candidate is given a proper driving license, he will need to pass proper tests. Here are things that we should remember to do during the test: Observe carefully at junctions: Road junctions are considered as risk factors during […]

Understanding Differences Between Superchargers and Turbochargers

When people want more speed and performance, the two available options are turbochargers and superchargers. It is important for car owners who crave for a boost of performance to understand the similarities and differences of both systems. Given the use of compressed engine block and appropriate exhaust manifold, we should be able to fit turbochargers […]

Types of Windows Tinting Film

Windows tinting films are usually made of polyester materials at between 0.002 to 0.007 inches. In this case multiple layers of tinting films are bonded together to provide protection against scratch and UV light. Here are types of tinting film that we should know: Dyed films: It is consisted of a basic dyed film layer […]

How to Make Proper Transition to Drive on the Other Side of the Road?

There are more than 50 countries that drive on the left hand side of the road, while others are on the road. Regardless of where their origins are, it can be quite confusing for people to drive at the “wrong” side of the road. Problems could happen. When drivers rent the car, all the controls […]

How to Repair Dented Car Surface?

Dents can happen easily on cars and if we are lucky enough, there are only manageable scratches and dents on our car. One big question is how we properly deal with these dents. It is generally not a wise option to take our car to body shops each time we have a minor dent. This […]

How to Remove Ice from Windscreen?

Sometimes we simply forget the fact that we need to cover the car during a very cold situation. A drizzle of rain followed by snow could unexpectedly occur at night, when we are sleeping. There are methods that we can do to solve this problem. As an example, we should have a de-icing spray a […]

Things We Should Know About Car Waxing

Many people are wondering how they should car for the paint of their cars. There are a number of reasons why we should value the paint of our car. Other for decorative purposes, this could also help to improve the resale values of our cars. Regularly waxing our car can be a rather tedious activity […]

How to Negotiate Properly When Buying Car?

Negotiating when buying a car can be one experience that would-be new car owners dread the most. A wrong decision could cause them to spend tens of thousands of dollars without getting real value or benefit. Most of the stress and the anxiety come from the fact that dealers are always at advantage. They are […]

Things We Should Do When Getting Car Parts in Junkyard

Some parts don’t have to be obtained in mint conditions from stores. Interior parts, fasteners, clips and headlights can actually be hard to come by. Perhaps we have misplaced some proprietary, uniquely-shaped bolts for a bracket. A common option is to find these parts in the dealers, but they are not always available, especially for […]

Basic Car Performance Upgrades That We Can Do

Many car owners seek to improve the performance of their cars and for beginners; they need to learn the basics of performance improvements. First of all, car owners should make sure that they have a well-oiled machine to start with. A poorly-maintained car won’t achieve the kind of performance that we want. With a solid […]