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Best Cars For Travel In Lisbon

Lisbon is one of the most ancient capitals of the world and it is also called still “the city on seven hills”. There is a great variety of sights in this picturesque city – Belem Tower, St. George’s Castle, Lisbon Oceanarium, Santa Justa Lift, Lisbon Zoo and various museums and historical monasteries. With this abundance […]

How to Get Accustomed with a New Car?

Before driving, we should pay attention to many things. This is particularly true when we are renting a car or driving a new one. It is important that we are fully accustomed to the new car. One thing to consider is that we should look for the proper driving positions. If we want to maintain […]

6 Ways to Pass Driving Tests

During driving tests, we should be able to show good knowledge and proper technical skills. Before a candidate is given a proper driving license, he will need to pass proper tests. Here are things that we should remember to do during the test: Observe carefully at junctions: Road junctions are considered as risk factors during […]

Car Owner’s Guide for Survival During Winter

It is certainly no easy when we drive in the snow. The extreme cold itself changes many factors before and during driving. Here are things we should do make our experience less troublesome: Perform preventative maintenance: Before the winter actually arrives, we should check out the tires. It is also important that our engine and […]

Electric and Hybrid Cars May Still Not Save the Environment

Electric cars have their own limitations and they restrict people only for commutes inside the city limits. Electric cars have problems with power, range and turnaround time. Obviously, electric cars have their own benefits. Electric motors have unmatched low-range torque and the car has instantaneous response. Electric car has quicker accelerations and energy is directly […]

How to Effectively Eliminate Road Rage?

Road rage has become a huge part in our lives and it becomes more common in crowded cities. In reality, road rage only serves to compound the degree of risk when we are driving. When our mind is filled with anger, there is a higher threat of accidents. Driving on the highway is a risky […]

How to Reverse Cars Properly?

We sometimes squirm when we watch other drivers try to reverse their cars. This is the moment when drivers have much reduced control of their cars, because it’s clearly an inconvenient way to move our car. Without proper skill and knowledge, it is possible we would simply veer off course and it’s something we can […]